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Egidius Streiff
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June 20th Weiden, Rathaus; Recordings with Max Reger, Alessandro Tardino, piano.

June 12th, Ritterhaus Bubikon, Schubert! with Werner Bärtschi, piano

May 26th, 20.00, Winterthur Alter Stadthaussaal,
Carin Levine & Egidius Streiff
May 25th 19.30, Villa Wenkenhof, Riehen Carin Levine & Egidius Streiff

May 11th Basel, Maison 44: Unerwarteter Verlauf - Poems by Klaus Merz with Max E.Keller & Klaus Merz

April 28th Reger Fest @ BauArt Basel: Solo works, and Sonata op.72 in C. With Alessandro Tardino

March 22th, Symphony Space New York: Solo works by Bettina Skrzypczak, Elliott Carter and ensemble pieces with the ensemble improcontra.

August 14th Panicale: Capricci by Niccolo Paganini and Salvatore Sciarrino
( presentation of the CD
: 6 capricci SC 1401 )


August 24th Riehen: Rudolf Kelterborn string trio (written for the Streiff Trio in 1994)

August 26th Riehen: Samuel Barber Adagio for string quartet

August 27th Riehen: Hermann Suter, string sextet and Max Reger clarinet quintet

August 29th Riehen: Mendelssohn & Shostakovitch Octets
(together with the Kuss quartet)

August 30th Riehen: string quartets by Heidi Baader-Nobs and Joseph Haydn, Concertino by Janacek with Juho Pohjonen.

September 12th / 13th / 20th, Riehen, Basel 
Egidius Streiff directs and conducts the first performance of "der Sardellenkönig träumt" childrens shadowplay by Korean / Swiss composer Junghae Lee.

September 29th "violin summit" Winterthur, Villa Sträuli:
Together with his violinist friends Hansheinz Schneeberger and Daphné Schneider, Streiff will perform a tour de force through todays violin repertoire ranging between Heinz Holligers duöli, a first performance for violin and exquisite electronics by Ralf Hoyer and the melodram Ferdinand der Stier in a special version for three reciting violinists.

October retraite with preparation for Viktor Kalabis recording.

November 7th
Berlin, Universität der Künste UDK
Isang Yun, I
mages & Quartet for oboe, violin, viola, violoncello
with Heinz Holler, Roswitha Staege, Walter Grimmer, Ruth Killius, Jochen Müller-Brincken

November 19th
Roma, Villa Massimo
Ralf Hoyer,
Phase 7 for violin and electronics

January 9th / 10th
Basel, Scelsi Festival
Giacinto Scelsi
"Xnoybis" & Edu Haubensak "4 Saiten"
(both for violin with scordatura!)

past concerts in 2014

January 12th Küblis "Goldstaub" by Karlheinz Stockhausen (rare performance!)
( )  goldstaub

April 2nd - 5th concerts in Sweden
(Gothenburg, Norsköpping und Härnösand), details t.b.a.
Edu Haubensak "VIER SAITEN" & Jürg Wyttenbach "BALLADE"

April 7. Winterthur, Theater am Gleis 19.30
Solo works by Jürg Wyttenbach (Ballade 1957), Edu Haubensak (VIER SAITEN 2003) 
and new works by Christoph Schiess and Max E Keller for Ums'n Jip & Egidius Streiff

April 13th Musik Akademie der Stadt Basel 19.00
Portrait concert Rene Wohlhauser: Vocis Imago version for solo violin,
version for ensemble

April 14th-30th 2014
Tour to Brasil with Chausson Concert op.21 and
first performance of Harry Crowl's  3rd violin concerto for the same ensemble:
violin, piano and string quartet.
concerts on 22nd-25th in Curitiba, Capela Santa Maria. With Luiz Guilherme Pozzi, Piano

May 14th Basel, Gare du Nord, 19.30 Grand Caprice op.26!
Schubert's Erlkönig for violin alone by Heinrich Wilhelm Ernst
and songs by Charles Ives a.o. with Sylwia Zytynska, Michael Leibundgut  a.o.

June 3rd Basel, Sudhaus 19.30 
(ATTENTION: this concert has been moved to December 14th!)
Junghae Lee "Corona" as seen on youtube, back in Basel!

June: tour with the Orchestra of the T.U.Dresden with Robert Schumann's Fantasie op.131

UK concerts:
Sunday June 8th: Stowe (cancelled!)
Monday June 9th:
Oxford: Christ Church Cathedral lunchtime concert 1 p.m. 
Tuesday 10 June: Birmingham: St. Chad´s Cathedral; 7 p.m.
Wednesday 11 June:  Coventry: Holy Trinity Church, 7.30 p.m.
Sunday 22 June, 17.00  Dresden Dreikönigskirche 5 / 7 p.m.

June 17th Basel, Musik Akademie Basel Musikhochschule FHNW;
"Interpretationsforum" on the six Etudes and Erlkönig by Heinrich Wilhelm Ernst!

June 23d Basel
, Münsterkreuzgang  21.00 Arnold Schönberg "verklärte Nacht" op.4
June 24th Basel, Krypta Münster early Morning
(ca. 05.30 a.m.!)
"Schraffur" with percussionist Fritz Hauser 

August 29th Panicale / It  7.30pm Teatro Cesare Caporali
August 30st Panicale / It  7.30pm Chiesa S.
Festival musica insieme the complete string quartets by Klaus Hauber juxtaposed with Mozart KV 465 "dissonance"
Q3G with Egidius Streiff, Daphné Schneider, Mariana Doughty, Walter Grimmer

September 13th Riehen Schnitterweg 52 Haus "ex Adolf Busch"
Carl Nielsen Thema & Variations op.52 (Denkmaltag in Busch's Haus!)

September 21st Bubikon Ritterhaus  16.00 Uhr (Bach) & 19.00 Uhr (Nielsen)
Carl Nielsen Praeludium und Thema mit Variationen op.52 / J.S.Bach Adagio & Fuga BWV 1001

September 26th Winterthur alter Stadthaussaal. "unerwarteter Verlauf"
a unique concert with author Klaus Merz and fabulous improvising Trio Kornelia Bruggmann, Max E.Keller and Egidius Streiff

TOUR with the string quartets by Klaus Huber:

October 23rd Paris Atélier Balthasar Soulier

Klaus Huber zum 90! (Program see August 29th)
as well as on following dates:

November 9th Bremen

November 11th Berlin, Saal an der Bundesallee

November 24th Lausanne conservatoire

November 25th Winterthur Villa Sträuli

November 28th Boswil Kirche Künstlerhaus Boswil

November 30th Basel Gare du Nord (birthday concert with Klaus Huber and guests
December 2nd Bern University, Kuppelsaal

December 4th Zürich Helferei Grossmünster

December 14th Basel Sud

past concerts in 2013

24th  19.00, Bern, Konservatorium, Kramgasse 36
György Kurtag Kafka Fragmente, René Wohlhauser Vocis Imago a.o.

9th 19.30, Zürich,Lavatersaal,St.-Peter-Hofstatt 6 
György Kurtag Kafka Fragmente, René Wohlhauser Vocis Imago a.o.

March 20th London EAR Festival, warehouse
Thomas Kessler "violin control" for violin and Synthesizer (1972)

March 21st London EAR Festival, warehouse
FLAME Ensemble, Sciarrino, Romitelli a.o.

March 28th EGRO Niederrohrdorf
Duo concert with Stefan Keller, Flute; Ysaÿe, Hindemith, Bach Sonata in g, BWV1001

April 3d, 19.00,  Weimar Frühjahrstage für zeitgenössische Musik, mon ami
FLAME Ensemble, Sciarrino, Romitelli a.o.

4th, 19.00, Weimar "mon ami" Frühjahrstage für zeitgenössische Musik
Sciarrino 6 Capricci, Jürg Wyttenbach Ballade (UA), Edu Haubensak UA, Helmut Zapf

April 7th, 19.00,  München, Gasteig, Kleiner Konzertsaal, Rosenheimer Straße 5
György Kurtag Kafka Fragmente, René Wohlhauser Vocis Imago a.o.

14th  Sissach,  Haus am Bach
Heinrich Wilhelm Ernst Polyphone Etüden, Jürg Wyttenbach & Eugène Ysaÿe Balladen

May 9th "NUMEN" Lucerne, Jesuitenkirche


May 12th "Numen" Lausanne, Cathedrale

May 20th "Numen" Basel, Leonhardskirche

May 31st, 19.30 Basel, Wildtsches Haus (  )
Recital with Werner Bärtschi
Beethoven op.23/24, Bärtschi, Wyttenbach Ballada for violin solo UA,
Saint-Saëns 2nd Sonata

June 18th "NUMEN" Bern Münster 



A "Musikfest" like the famed early Marlboro Festival editions with Adolf Busch and Rudolf Serkin with a band of most extraordinary musicians, among them Georg Egger from Bolzano and Judith Serkin from Brattleboro.. more to see soon on

31st August Sissach "Haus am Bach"
works by Viktor Kalabis

8th September Basel Ackermannshof
works by Viktor Kalabis, introduced by Zuzana Rucickova

September 17th / 18th Zurich Radio Studio recordings
Jürg Wyttenbach Ballade (1957), Salvatore Sciarrino 6 capricci

September 19th Firenze, Museo Bargello works for violin alone by
Jürg Wyttenbach (Ballade 1957)
Edu Haubensak (VIER SAITEN 2003) 
Thomas Kessler (violin control 1978)


October 27th 11am Basel Gare du Nord
Bach for violin alone


November 15th, Basle Ackermannshof, 7.30pm;

chamber music concert with the "Erlkönig" adpted by Heinrich Wilhelm Ernst for violin alone.


December 17th/ 18th recording session 6 capricci by Niccolò Paganini (to be published with 6 capricci by Salvatore Sciarrino)

December 20th, Sissach, Haus am Bach 7.30pm;

chamber music concert with the "Erlkönig" adpted by Heinrich Wilhelm Ernst for violin alone.

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